Fijet Academy for Young Journalists Program in Tunisia 2023

Fédération Internationale des Journalists et Ecrivains du Tourism-FIJET organizes a training program for the young every year. In accordance with the accepted general rules of FIJET, an on-site learning program is organized every year in one of the places that is in need of support in terms of tourism. This education program is organized under the leadership of the Fijet association of that country and Fijet Academy Committee.

This year the candidate country for this program was Fijet Tunisia. The president of FIJET Mr. Tijani Haddad first hosted the participants and the professors in Africa Hotel in Tunis and then in Marina Palace Hotel in Hammamet with great care and attention to all the details in order to introduce Tunisian culture well.

Due to the increasing problems of tourism industry and its rather more fragile structure compared to other sectors, the subject of the Fijet Academy program this year was determined as “Sustainable Tourism”. The sub-topics of the professors of Fijet Academy Committee were: Prof. Ludmila Novacka-“Content management in media”, Prof. Gabriela Tigu “Sustainable tourism and the role of youth in sustainable tourism” Prof. Petra Somek “How to write a reportage” , Amela Tomasevic “The importance of the hospitality industry in the development of sustainable tourism” and F. Sema Kutlu “ A niche in journalism: Travel Writing” and “The important qualities of an effective travel writing”

This year the attendees of the program included undergraduates and also master’s degree students, novice writers, young media enterpreneurs, tv and radio programmers and professional photographers from 8 different member countries of Fijet. The friendship and harmony of the group was so remarkable that it was setting an example to the world.

The program started with an appointment with the Minister of Tourism Mr. Moez Belhassine. The minister highlighted the importance of tourism, objective journalism and education in order to improve the share of tourism in the global economy and help build a stronger mutual understanding and respect of different peoples of the World.

After a short visit to the old medina of Tunis, the group later went to a hidden gem of Mediterranean Basin, Sidi Bou Said, the symbol of art and protected heritage, to see the enchanting blue and white washed authentic buildings with fantastic doors.

The most interesting part of the program for all participants was visiting the Souse Archeological Museum, one of the greatest museums of Tunisia which showcases an extraordinary collection of 2nd and 3rd century Roman African mosaics. The group had a chance to see mosaics many of which reflect mythological themes like depicting life and entertainment in ancient world such as theatres, horse races, fishing, amphitheatre hunts. A mosaic covered baptistry from the Christian Era was the center of interest.

The Jawhara FM, a private radio station in Sousse hosted the Fijet Academy Group and the participants had a chance to see a live TV reportage by a famous anchorman. The visit to Jawhara FM was an example of hands on learning for the Young journalists group who were amazed by the technical infrastructure of the radio.
Fijet Academy Young Journalists group continued their sightseeing Tours with a visit to OUDHNA, a huge astonishing Roman- Berber city that is partially excavated yet. This huge excavation site, proudly described by President Tijani Haddad, left the participants in awe and admiration.

The certificate ceremony of the Fijet Academy program was held on the 8 of September, Friday night at Marina Palace Hotel in Hammamet, the main sponsor that provided accommodation, classrooms and technical infrastructure.

by Sema Kutlu